Introducing our S-Rate Academy Mentor: Joe Hirsch


Introducing our S-Rate Academy Mentor: Joe Hirsch

We are pleased to announce the launch of S-Rate Academy; a mentoring programme for managers and front-line employees in the hospitality industry and our exciting partnership with Joe Hirsch as our top mentor. Joe Hirsch is a Global Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes and TEDx among other.

This programme aims to assist any hotel managers that want to create opportunities for any of their front-line employees that may need support. Instead of the humdrum performance review, Joe promotes his core belief that Feedback should be fearless.


  “There are few things more uncomfortable than giving and receiving feedback. Judgment, worry, disappointment, pain – when these deeply-felt emotions enter the conversation, they can complicate relationships, crimp performance, and diminish trust. To create a fearless feedback culture, we need to change its tone and trajectory – starting with a bolder mindset and message.”

We’ve highlighted some of Joe’s talking points that can have an impact on your business!

Activate full potential of employee talents through a strength-based approach

Make difficult conversations easier through a results-based dialogue focusing on future success, not past failure

A work environment built on trust

Evidence-based tools for effective collaboration

High trust techniques to pull people together

Stay tuned for more exciting content from the S-Rate Academy!

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